Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Pro Full APK 3.5.1 Latest

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Pro Full APK Crack from your cell phone or tablet causes strain on your eyes and keeps you from nodding off effectively around evening time.

This application modifies your screen shading to lessen the blue light and causes your eyes to unwind, making it simpler for you to nod off.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Pro Full APK 3.5.1 Latest Update

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Key Features of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Pro Full APK Mod 3.5.1

  •  Easy to use with brilliant night move;
  •  Relieve eye weariness with warm light and delicate nightlight;
  •  Filtering hurtful blue light;
  •  New eye care module: Fatigue test, vision test, and eye works out;
  •  Keep great eyes securing propensities with the everyday wellbeing report;
  •  Choose your shading for 24 hours’ eyecare;
  •  Fully good with cell phones, tablets, workstations, and LED screens.
  •  Diminish the blue light to alleviate eye exhaustion and secure your eyes;
  •  Give 5 distinctive channel hues to you to pick, the channel quality can likewise be powerfully balanced;
  •  Truly steady, enormously decreasing the chance of Force Close;
  •  Free and Easy to utilize. Likewise give a passage in the status bar, so you can work it without any problem.

Bluelight Filter for Android - APK Download

The splendid blue light from the screen can upset your circadian cadence and influences your rest. In any case, with the assistance of our Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care, you would now be able to have a significantly more lovely screen involvement with late night. It gives delicate nightlight(warm light like red light and orange light) and book perusing light with its super night mode which can to a great extent calm your eye weariness.

Tips For Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Pro Full APK Patch 3.5.1 Latest

  • Before introducing other applications, if you don’t mind turn off or delay this application to empower establishment.
  •  When taking screen captures, if you don’t mind turn off or delay this application if the screen captures utilize the application impact.
  • Elements of Blue light Filter for Eye Care**
  •  Channel/Dimmer to secure your eyes.
  • Turn ON channel to begin securing your eyes! Particularly viable when you are to gaze at the cell phone screen for long hours and at night.
  • Different Adjustments
  •  Filter/Dimmer quality from 0% to 100%
  •  6 distinctive channel/dimmer hues to browse
  •  Adjust telephone haziness and splendor
  •  Option to keep the status bar shading with no guarantees or remember for the channel
  •  Very basic and powerful interface!
  • Turning ON/OFF is simply inside one-tap from application dispatch.
  •  Auto-Startup
  • A choice to auto-startup the channel when booted. Either ON/OFF.
  •  Gadget
  • Effectively turn ON/OFF the channel from the pulldown menu.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care for Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro - free ...

Reviews :

Wonderful application

At the point when no strain eyes. A tablet like the lead after applying any great about channels. Inevitably had my fuel.


Truth told, I figured it would be a joke about the applications, yet I need to take this application to have an exceptionally huge effect and simple to utilize. Keep doing awesome.

Amazing application!

With strongly suggested. With our lives reliant on cell phones, our eyes merit something like this.

Quick rest actuating

Straightforward and simple to-utilize eye, truly. I like it and use it a great deal.

Comparable F.lux

It works well. It’s a basic application. A portion of the programmed changes can diminish the awful day.


As I would like to think, I suggest this application for you folks astonishing application

Energetically Recommended

This application has vowed to do it. May be promptly felt the distinction. I got it after the primary use. The main recommendation I have is for designers to apply just to the clients. I don’t care about the symbols for every application.

I adored Twilight, so I would be advised to get the opportunity to work!

How to install It In Your Android Device

Open Revo Uninstaller 

Uninstall the Old Version

Go to your File Manager

Go to the File Destination

Click on the file

Installation will be started

Now open the App from Home Page

App Installed ..!


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